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Why do you need MPX2PPM ?

Firmware 3.30 Royal Pro and PPM signal
dimanche 29 novembre 2009 par YannickF

Introduction :

This article is a english (very short) summary of the french version.

Since V3.30 firmware, RoyalPro7,9,12 and 16 won’t give you the necessary PPM signal for 3rd party 2.4 GHz modules (Assan/Corona/Spektrum etc...)

You can downgrade to V2.62 firmware, but you’ll loose memory extension that the last firmware provides (and maybe other enhancements).
You can also use the PPM signal available on the DIN connector on the back panel of Radio, but it will prevent teacher-pupil use of the radio. (And you’ll need to short-circuit 2 pins of the DIN connector to emulate a DSC cable)

My circuit will give you a PPM signal with V3.30 firmware : it emulates a 35 MHz module or a M-LINK module, and then rebuilds the PPM signal from the datas sent by the radio.

Some of these 3rd party 2.4 GHz module will work only with at least 8 or 9 channels in PPM signal. If you have a RoyalPro7 : you can’t !!!!
In M-LINK emulation mode, you can have up to 12 channels in PPM signal, even with a RoyalPro7 (choice is made with jumpers). Non used channels are set to neutral.

That’s it....

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