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Firmware update - [Modélisme, Électronique]
Modélisme, Électronique

Firmware update

Wednesday 18 November 2009 by YannickF

Informations are available on AVRUBD web site : http://avrubd.googlepages.com/stepbystep3.htm

  1. Start AVRUBD.exe
  2. Check COM port number in Windows
  3. Do not change other parameters
  4. Open new firmware .HEX file
  5. Remove RX and TX jumpers (see picture at bottom), put the BLDR jumper and start the module
  6. LED will blink during 25 seconds : connect the USB-TTL adapter
  7. Start firmware update
  8. Finished !
  9. Disconnect your adapter, put RX and TX jumpers back, remove the BLDR jumper.

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