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MPX2PPM user manual - [Modélisme, Électronique]
Modélisme, Électronique

MPX2PPM user manual

Friday 20 November 2009 by YannickF

Il y a une version française du manuel ici ... -

Normal mode (without BLDR jumper) :

Check that the TX and RX jumpers are connected. You must ensure that these 2 jumpers do not risk to remove by themselves, it would result in a crash of your RC model, since they are responsible of communications between RoyalPro and MPX2PPM

MPX2PPM simply plugs into your RoyalPro transmitter like a classic module. Your 2.4 GHz module (Assan/Spektrum/Corona/O24RCP or other ) can be connected on the PPM connector, which also provides power supply

Set-up :
- You can obtain a negative or positive PPM signal according to jumper P/N
- Jumpers C,B,A select the emulation mode and the number of channels in PPM signal :

jumper Cjumper Bjumper APPM signalemulation mode
0 0 0 PPM6 to PPM12 (automatic detection) 35 MHz module
0 0 1 PPM6 MLINK
0 1 0 PPM7 MLINK
0 1 1 PPM8 MLINK
1 0 0 PPM9 MLINK
1 0 1 PPM10 MLINK
1 1 0 PPM11 MLINK
1 1 1 PPM12 MLINK

Yes ! You’re right : it’s a binary coded number (obviously, not for 0 and 7) :
number of channel = 5 + binary code on jumpers
(since firmware V1.06, it was 6+binary code in prior versions)

IMPORTANT : in MLINK Emulation mode, the RoyalPro must be set in Normal Mode, not in FastMode ! Go in model memory propriety menu and verify ...

JPEG - 560.6 kb
HF module connection
JPEG - 469.9 kb
Normal mode, without 4PDT switch
JPEG - 566.3 kb
Normal mode + HFM-S+MPCM module (35-40 MHz) with 4PDT switch
JPEG - 551.3 kb
Normal mode + HFM crystal module, with 4PDT switch

Bootloader mode (with BLDR jumper) :

Read article about firmware update

Check that the TX and RX jumpers are not connected. This way, the TX and RX lines are only connected to the RX-0-TX connecter, which is used for firmware upgrade.

Put the BLDR jumper and switch on the radio.
The LED should blink during 20 s. So you have 20 s only to update firmware.

  1. connect your USB-TTL (3.3V) adapter into the RX-0-TX connector
  2. start AVRUDB.exe on your computer, configure COM port according to your adapter (see Device Manager to know the number of your COM port)
  3. configure baudrate to 19200 (it’s the default value, so you shouldn’t have to change it)
  4. select the new firmware .hex file
  5. click on "connect"
  6. it should last only a few seconds to update firmware.
  7. switch off, then on

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