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Assembly of MPX2PPM kit - [Modélisme, Électronique]
Modélisme, Électronique

Assembly of MPX2PPM kit

Sunday 8 November 2009 by YannickF

Step by step :

This is the PCB :


Smallest components must be soldered first. The most difficult part of the assembly is soldering of ATmega88.

  1. solder the mega88 on the PCB
    1. check the good placement (pin 1)
    2. solder 2 pins in diagonal. Check one more time.
    3. Solder each pin one after the other.
    4. Remove solder wire in excess with unsoldering braid
    5. Check with a multimeter that 2 adjacent pins aren’t electrically connected (very long, but necessary)
  2. Solder the three 10 nF capacitors (I forgot one on the photograph).Check one more time.
  3. Solder the 100 nF capacitor (I forgot it, too, you’ll see it on another photograph). Check one more time.
  4. Solder the resistor and LED (be careful of LED position)
  5. Solder the voltage regulator. Check one more time.

  6. Solder the 7.3728 MHz crystal. Check one more time.

  7. Solder the two 22 pf capacitor. Check one more time
  8. Solder the four connections (or 4PDT switch)
  1. Solder the connectors (the **order doesn’t matter). Check one more time
  2. If you didn’t buy a kit, you must first program the microcontroler via ISP (see at bottom)

  3. plug your module in your RoyalPro, and hope you didn’t made any fatal error (it shouldn’t, since you checked tens of times)
  4. it should work (read the user manual for the meaning of different jumpers on the PCB. The radio thinks an original module (depending of jumpers) is connected.
  5. plug you 2.4 GHz module on the dedicated connector on my module (it gives power supply (Vbat, GND) and PPM. !!!! Check polarity !!!!!
  6. it should work (again)

Initial programming (only if you have a brand new ATmega88. In other cases, you should use the bootloader)

You need an ISP programmer and its software (Ponyprog is good with parallel port programmer, but now, I use an AVRDragon programmer with AVRstudio software)

  1. solder the needed pins for ISP (RESET, MISO, MOSI, SCK, VCC, GND)
  2. connect your ISP programmer to these pins. For a question of place on PCB, there is no ATMEL ISP connector (HE10 or HE6), you have to manage yourself the connections between programmer and theses 6 pins.)
  3. supply the module (not with your RoyalPro, unless you are very sure you made a good job at this step and there is no electrical problems.
  4. send the bootloader to the mega88
  5. program the fuse bits : (very important, an error at this step can give you an unprogrammable Atmega88). I suppose you know how to use your programmer. I can’t give any support on this point.

  6. send the main program (MPX2PPM) either using bootloader (click here for more information) or using ISP. (Check your programmer isn’t erasing the memory before programming, or you will erase the bootloader at this step. The bootloader can’t erase itself because of fuse bits, but the erasing procedure in ISP erases everything.)

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